24 December 2012


I wanted to take a moment to wish Everyone a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's been a difficult year at the Caffrey home. We lost both of Cindy's parents to cancer, and I've had my own health issues to deal with, but through it all we give thanks to God for all the blessings He's bestowed upon us.
Words can't express my appreciation for all the support and encouragement from all my dear friends in the Knife World! Without that support and friendship, I'm not sure I would have made it through those tough times. May God Bless each of you, and may you enjoy peace, health, and happiness this Christmas, and in the coming year!
With Love, Thanks, and Gratitude from both Cindy and I!

03 December 2012

Damascus Pens! Just in time for Christmas!

  Just finished updating the website with several new Damascus Pens!    These would make a great Christmas gift for that “hard to buy for” individual!  Click on the image for details, pics, and prices.


28 November 2012

New Knives Available, just in time for Christmas!

  I just finished updating the website with knives that are available for immediate delivery.  Included are a Mosaic/416 Laminate “Sonue” folder, and a very nice Mosaic/Koa Drop Point hunter.  You can view them here:  http://www.caffreyknives.net/AvailableKnives.html

  I also have a few EBKs that would make a great gift!  You can view them on my EBK Webpage:  http://www.caffreyknives.net/EBK%20Update%20Page.html

  Finally, Damascus Pen are also available!  Right now I have three available, but will be producing more later this week, and should have them posted on the website early next week…..in time for Christmas delivery.    http://www.caffreyknives.net/Damascus%20Writing%20Pens.html



29 August 2012

August 2012 Knives for Victory Auction!

The August Knives for Victory Auction is now active!

  You can view the knife/auction at the following link:


  This is a true charity auction, with ALL the proceeds going to our Church building fund.

30 July 2012


Just finished up another batch of EBKs!  The are available for immediate purchase/delivery.  This batch has a good mix of all the various “styles” of EBKs I produce…..EBK I, EBK II, and the latest Gen-2 EBKs.   All information and prices are listed, along with photos of each EBK that is available.  You can see the by going to my

 EBK Webpage

As always, EBKs are sold on a first come, first served basis.  If you’d like to purchase one or more, please follow the instruction by emailing me with your name, shipping address, method of payment (check, money order, Visa/MasterCared, or Paypal) and the reference number listed below each knife.

19 July 2012


  July Knives for Victory Auction is now Active!

This is a charity auction that I am holding once a month to raise money for our new Church facility.   To learn more, you can visit my Knives for Victory Webpage.

  To visit the Auction, follow this link:

July Knives for Victory Auction

10 June 2012

Latest update

  After all the things that have befallen our family this spring, I’ve had some issues too.  On my latest CAT scan, which is a result of my lung issues from 3 years past, they found “spots” on my lungs.  This, coupled with all the other stress we’ve gone through kinda put me in a tailspin.   Not sure what to call it, but for nearly a month I have been nearly incapacitated……weak, tired, and just aching all over.  Recently I learned that I was/am having an adverse reaction to all the stress.   Two weeks ago I had biopsy surgery on my left lung, and the results came back somewhat inconclusive.  The Doctor says that it is either a “low grade” lymphoma, or a lung abscess/infection.  My biopsy results have been sent off to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion.  Along with all this, the stress produced what the Doctors are calling “lesions” on the inside of the stomach….basically a milder form of ulcers.  So, not much knifemaking is getting done.  The next step is for me to take two weeks of steroids starting 1 July, and have another CAT scan on the 19th.   This will mean that I will be unable to attend the ABANA conference this year.   As I feel able, I will be working in the shop, and hope to have a batch of EBKs ready before long.  Please keep us in your prayers, and keep an eye on my website for the release of the EBKs.