18 January 2008

Final two for Reno...

I finished up my final two knives that will be available at the ABS Reno Expo, Jan 25-26, in Reno,NV. I'm not really sure how to act now...I'm usually rushing right up till the last minute trying to get things done. I will have a total of 6 pieces available for sale at the show. You can view the entire selection on my website at the following link...
ABS Expo Preview

Hope to see you in Reno!

15 January 2008

New Location for Friday evening Knife Chat Room

NEW LOCATION FOR KNIFE CHAT! Starting 1 Feb 08, my knife chat will have a new home. The chat software I have is not the best, and with more and more people showing up for chat, has become antiquated for our purposes. The knife chat will be moving to IForgeIron.com This will allow an unlimited number of people to participate, and provide a much nicer interface for everyone. It will require that you sign up on IForgeIron.com if your not already a member, but that is painless and easy. At the top of the page, simply click on the "Chat" tab, and it will take you to the chat room. There is also a link directly to the IForgeIron home page from my website, just click on the Chat Room link at the upper left hand side of the main page.
All the same rules apply as the chat on my site. PLEASE! If you do not use your real name when signing on, please identify yourself when you enter the chat room, that way everyone knows who they are talking with. This will also expose a larger number of folks to the knowledge that we have to offer on Bladesmithing. Please join us on 1 Feb 08, at 10pm eastern, 9pm central, 8pm mountain, 7pm pacific time for knife chat at its new home! Look forward to seeing you there!

13 January 2008

ABS Reno Expo 08 Preview

I just finished putting up a preview page of the knives I will have available at the ABS Reno Expo. January 25-26, 2008. I am also finishing up two additional knives, one 1084 Hunter, and an all Mosaic Damascus Folder. Once I get them completed, and photos taken, I will post those on the page as well.

Follow this link to view the knives: ABS Expo Preview

Hope to see you in Reno!!

10 January 2008

2008 Bladesmithing Classes

2008 Bladesmithing class dates are filling up very quickly. As of today, I am booked up until the middle of July 08. If your thinking about coming to Montana for a class this year, please get with me soon with the dates you'd like. For more on the classes I offer, and the costs, please visit my website..... Bladesmithing Classes

I haven't listed it on the website yet, but I am also offering a class on linerlock folders. If that sounds like it might interest you, drop me an email for details.

Welcome to the Blog

For a while now I have consider a blog to help keep everyone informed on whats going on with me, this is my first attempt at a blog, so bear with me, and hopefully we can have some fun here.

Currently I'm hard at work, getting ready for the ABS Reno Expo, which will be held January 25-26 in Reno, NV. at the Silver Legacy hotel/casino.

As I write this it looks like I will have a total of 5 knives for sale at the show. As I complete them I will have photos posted on my website. Descriptions of the knives are as follows:

1. Mosaic Damascus Bowie, with carved/textured Fossil Walrus ivory handle, "half penny" S guard. All the hardward is engraved and hot blued.

2. Mosaic Damscus Trialing point hunter, with carved/textured fossil walrus ivory handle, nickel silver guard.

3. Mosaic Damascus Drop Point hunter, with carved/textured presentation grade desert ironwood handle, and carved nickel sliver guard.

4. All Moasic Damascus folder with titanium liners, inset rubies, and engraving.

5. This one is a step out there for me.... A clay hardened 52100 bowie, with silver wrap on the ricasso, titanium guard, buttcap, and a carved/textured handle of African Blackwood.

I glued up #5 this morning, and am working on sheaths for the rest. As I get them done, I'll be posting photos on my website.