28 February 2008

EBKs Ready for Delivery!

I just finished up the latest batch of EBKs. There are 12 knives in this batch. All are differentially heat treated 1080 steel, with G-10 handles. This batch contains the following:

2- EBK I (drop point) with Solid Green G-10 handles
2- EBK I (drop point) with Black/Gray G-10 handles
4- EBK I (drop point) with Blue/Black G-10 handles
4- EBK II (Wharncliff version) with Blue/Black G-10 handles

For additional information, please visit the EBK page on my website at the following link:

EBK Web Page

I have sent emails to all those on the EBK mailing list, but a large number of those emails were undeliverable. If you are on the EBK mailing list and wish to stay on the list, please send me an email with your updated email address. I will be purging the list of all the failed email addresses within the next few days.

12 February 2008

EBKs and Progression Folders

I am currently working on the next batch of EBKs. This batch will contain 8 drop points, and 4 wharncliffs. I'm projecting them to be ready by the end of February. If your not on the mailing list, and would like to be, please send me an email (Caffreyknives@gmail.com) with "EBK Mailing List" in the subject line, and I will add your name to the list. When this batch is completed, I will be sending out a mass email to all those on the list. From there the EBKs will be sold on a first come, first served basis, using the date/time stamps on the replies I receive. For more information on EBKs you can visit my website.... EBK Update

I am also in the process of making some Progression folders, which are intended to fill orders that currently are on the books. For those who have Progression orders with me.....they are in the process. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me and email or call. You can find my contact information here.

04 February 2008

Available Knives and Update on Bladesmithing Classes

New Knives Available!
I wanted to let everyone know that I have knives available! You can view them by following this link: Available Knives

Bladesmithing Classes Update:
If you are thinking of taking a Bladesmiting Class with me in 2008, please get your desired dates to me as soon as possible. Currently I am booked up through August 08. With shows in August and Sept., it is likely that the next available dates will be in Oct 08. So if you would like to take a class in 2008, let me know! For more information on classes, please see by website: Bladesmithing Classes

Next batch of EBKs coming soon:
I have started the next batch of EBKs, and project them to be completed before the end of Febuary. If your not already on the EBK Mailing list, and would like to be, please send me an email, with "EBK Mailing List" in the subject line. I do not take orders on EBKs, but try to make a "batch" of 10-12 every 3-4 months. When the batch is completed, I send out a mass email to everyone on the mailing list, and from there the knives are sold on a first come, first served basis, utilizing the date/time stamps on the replies I receive.
For more information on EBKs please follow this link: EBK Update

01 February 2008

Reno is over, New Knives Available, working on orders

The ABS Expo in Reno, NV. is history. In 2009 the show will be moving to San Antonio, TX, with new show dates... August 21-22.
I have attended the ABS Reno show every year (except one) since it's beginning. Its always a very classy show, but over the years sales have dwindled. The first year I attended, I was sold out within 30 Mins of the door opening, and each successive year sales slowed bit by bit. I'm very happy to see the show moving to a new location, and look forward to a very successful show in San Antonio.

I have a some new pieces on my Available Knives Page These knives are ready for immediate delivery. Please feel free to take a look, and be sure to contact me if you have any questions.

The next couple of months will be busy ones for me. I have students coming in, and orders to fill. I also will be trying to get a head start on knives for this year's Blade Show.

I'm also looking forward to hosting a knife chat room on http://www.IforgeIron.com starting this evening at 8pm MST. As of now, the plan is to hold a dedicated knife chat every Friday evening at the same time/place.

Stay tuned, as news happens I'll be posting it here!

Take Care for Now!