30 April 2008

The Latest from Caffrey Knives

Its been a very busy month. With my Dad's passing last summer, we finally got my Mom moved from Kentucky to Montana. On 15 April Mom and I flew to Kentucky, rented a Uhaul, and made the cross-country trip to bring all of her belongings to Montana. After 4 days on the road, through a couple of spring snow storms, we made it home and within a few days had her set up in housekeeping at her new home.

I am currently charging hard to get things ready for The Blade Show in Atlanta. Hopefully I will have 5-8 knives for sale at the show.

I am also working on a brand new folder design, which will be released within the next month.....hopefully I will have one or two at Blade.

Right now I have a student in the shop.....Brad Singley from Georgia. Brad first visited me 3 years ago for a handles/guards class prior to taking his ABS JS test, and we have since become close friends. Brad has evolved to the level where he is ready to tackle Damascus steel, and is here for a week to learn what little I can teach him about it.

Look forward to visiting with everyone at the the Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair, May 30-Jun 1 at the Cobb Country Galleria in Atlanta, GA!