24 June 2008

Website Update....and more

I just finished updating my website with some new knives on my Available Page.

This coming weekend is the Big Sky Hammer-In, Frenchtown, MT. Along with likely the largest number of ABS Mastersmiths you'll find in one place, I'll be there.

Today I am starting the next batch of EBKs! If all goes well they should be ready within a couple of weeks. If your interested in an EBK, and have not done so, please send me an email with "EBK Mailing List" in the subject line. I do not take orders on these knives, but make a "batch" about every three months. Once I complete a batch, I send out a mass email to all those on the mailing list, and from there they knives are sold on a first come, first served basis.

I will also be building some more forging hammers in the near future. If your interested in a quality forging hammer, please contact me!

I continue to teach Bladesmithing classes, and recently finished a class with Mr. Bruce Barnett from Australia. Although Bruce has only been making knives for 2 years, he is very talented, and I look for great things from him in the future. Thanks Bruce for a wonderful time spent with a great person!

14 June 2008

Introducing.... The "Sonue"

I just finished updating my website, and am introducing my latest folder.....The "Sonue". As with most of my folder models, this one begins its life as an EDC/Utility model. Its a fairly simple design, but because of that fact, it lends itself to many variations. In the future I plan to offer it with bolsters, various handle material options, Damascus blade options, and am currently working on a reduced sized version that I believe will make a wonderful "gents" sized folder in all Mosaic Damascus. You can learn more about it at The Sonue Web Page.

Currently the backlog is fairly small on this new model, but I don't expect it to stay that way for long. If your interested in owning one, please contact me!

11 June 2008

After the Blade Show

The 2008 Blade Show is history now. This year's show was bit better than average for me, although along with that, I did notice that higher end knives were slower moving than I've seen in some time.

After returning home, I rested for a day, then hit the shop and completed the first in my next series of folders. With design help from the Client, my newest model folder, The "Sonue" has come to life. It will be introduced on my web site within the next week. I had intended to release it sooner, but have a few things that need doing before I offer it to the general public. As with most of my folders, this model begins life as a utility/EDC folder, but because of it's design elements, I believe it will be a very versatile design, and plan on creating not only working models, but also mid-range and even full out Mosaic Damascus versions. As with my Progression folders, I intend to offer this one in a couple of different sizes. Stay tuned to my website for more details coming soon.

Monday morning I started a class with Mr. Bruce Barnett from Australia. Bruce has been a maker for only a couple of years, but the knowledge and skills he already possesses is making my job of teaching easy. He's a quick study, and a load of talent. Keep your eye on this guy...he has much potential.

As with a lot of others, I'm looking forward to the Big Sky Hammer-In, 28-29 June at Josh Smith's place in Frenchtown, MT. If your looking for a great time with a load of talented makers, and likely more ABS Mastersmiths than you'll find in one place (outside of the Blade Show), then you need to be there. I know I will!

As far as shows, I'll be getting ready for the Montana Knifemaker's Show (in August), and then the push to my final show of the year, Blade West in Portland, OR in Sept. Early October will likely find me in Bothell, WA., teaching at Lyle Bronkhorst's fall class/Hammer-In. WOW! Where has the year gone to!? Before long it will be time to tune up Hammer (my yellow Lab) and get ready to chase waterfowl and other game. :)

Finally, Friday evening Knife Chat, hosted at www.Iforgeiron.com is going strong. Every Friday evening at 8pm MST, we spend a hour talking nothing but knives. The discussion is open to everyone, so if you have the time, stop by....it might just become a regular for you!