25 October 2008

Fall 2008

Hello Everyone!

Its been a couple of months since I've posted anything on the Blog. Fall is here, and winter is fast approaching in Montana. I finished up my last show for 08 at Blade West in Portland, and recently returned home from my last teaching gigs of 2008 at Lyle Bronkhorst's place in Bothel, WA.

I'm currently working of filling orders, and plan to do a little hunting soon! WAHOO!

There are some new pieces available for sale on my website, you can find them on my Available Knives Page

I also have three Damascus Writing Pens available, you can see those on my Pen Page

Finally, I recently completed and posted a new Bladesmithing article to my website. After a number of emails from newer makers, and several posts on various forums, I decided to write an article about Marking Your Knives. To read the new article and all the others, visit my Bladesmithing Articles web page.

For those of you who are Hunters, I hope this season brings lots of game, and lots of good times. For those who are not Hunters.......... Are there such people? :)