24 October 2009

October 2009 Update

Late September and October have been a trying time around the Caffrey household.  In Sept I was diagnosed with a kidney stone, and during a CT scan for that, the Docs found a “nodule” on my right lung.  Right now the Docs tell us that there is an 80% chance that it non-cancerous, but that makes it none the less scary.  I’ve been keeping everyone updated via my internet forum on The Knife Network (Ed’s Forum).   The Docs tell me that this thing needs to be removed, and since its in such a location that can only be reached via surgery. I’ll be visiting that Doc next week.  What they are telling me right now is that they will go in, get a piece of this thing and biopsy it right in the O.R.  If its non-cancerous, they will take only it (its about the size of a quarter).  If it shows any signs of cancer they will take the entire upper lobe of my right lung.  I would appreciate any prayers that you could offer.   I have no doubt that the hand of God has been in this whole affair.  Had it not been for the kidney stone, and the associated CT scan, this thing would not have been found, at least until it started bothering me…and by then it would likely have been too late.    Seems there has been a rash of things like this lately.

  As far as recovery goes, the Docs say that depending on how much of me they have to remove, my rehab/recovery could be as little as 2, or as long as 6 months.  Cindy (my Wife) has already laid down the law that I will not be allowed in the forging shop while I’m recovering, but my plan is to get a bunch of things forged out, and hopefully will be able to at least do finish work.  As I learn more about this situation, I’ll keep everyone posted.

04 October 2009

New Knives Available!

I currently have a few available pieces on my website.  Here’s a peek of what’s available…



You can view all the knives, specs, and prices on my website’s Available Knives Page.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the email “contact information” listed below the description of each knife.

03 October 2009

Its Fall in Montana

With fall comes hunting season in Montana, this year’s show schedule is complete.  I’ve decided that once hunting season is wrapped up, I’m going to venture into a new area.  Over the winter I plan to produce and offer a series of stainless steel, stock removal knifes.  Right now I am researching steels, and doing some initial tests, to determine the type(s) of stainless steel I want to offer.  My intent is to offer stainless varieties of my EBK series of knives, and if those are successful, I will design and implement hunters, and combat/utility knives in stainless. 

  For the immediate future, I am working on orders, and planning to chase waterfowl with my hunting buddy (my Lab) Hammer.  Lately he’s been laying in the backyard, watching the evening flights of ducks and geese, and looking at me as if to say…”Hey! Why aren’t you shooting?!”  :)

  Bladesmithing Classes for 2010

  I will soon be sitting down and beginning to build my 2010 schedule.  If your interested in coming to my shop for a Bladesmithing class in 2010, please contact me with the dates you like to attend, and we will work out the details.