24 December 2009

Merry Christmas from the Caffrey’s!

 I wanted to wish everyone a very


  Things are going well here.  I’m healing up well from my recent lung surgery.  I still get tired easily, but that’s only temporary..until I can get myself back in shape.   Right after Christmas I should be able to start working on a new thing for me.   I’m planning on making a run of my EBKs in a stainless version!  Many people have requested my EBKs in stainless, and I’m finally going to do it.


  I also have a few EBKs in carbon steel that I will be posting for sale on my website and forums.  Keep an eye on my EBK Update Page for their appearance.   You can also visit my forums :

Ed’s Forum on The Knife Network

Ed’s Forum on Knife Dogs.com

 We wish all of you a Wonderful Christmas, and Blessed New Year!

12 December 2009

Getting Recovered and back to work!


  After my recent lung surgery, I have now been cleared by the Docs to go back to work!  The hand of God has carried me through this whole situation…immediately following the surgery, the Doc told us that this was a malignant tumor.  When the first biopsy came back about a week later, it had turned into a malignant tumor that was non-cancerous.   At my first follow up after surgery (Dec 10th), the Surgeon gave us the “final biopsy report, which stated that the tumor was benign and non-cancerous!!    My family and I are very grateful and thankful for all the wonderful people who were praying for me, and checking in on us.  

  Although I’ve been anxious to get going in the shop, I’m finding that its going to take bit to get back to full speed.  I did a bit of forge work today, and after a couple of hours had to take a rest.  I’m going to TRY to fulfill all of my Christmas commitments, as long as I can keep going.  For those who have knives on order, I will be contacting each of you shortly to reconfirm things, and let you know that I’ve not forgotten you!   Thank you for being patient during my recent medical issues. 


  For a while now I have had folks asking for my EBK knives in stainless steel.  I have decided that its time.  Within the next month or so you should see some EBKs for sale in Sandvik’s 13C26 steel.  I’ll determine the exact price of the Stainless models once a get a couple of them done and can better estimate the overall cost.