26 May 2010

2010 Blade Show Preview!

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  With the 2010 Blade show only a week away, I finally have my Preview Page up!  I’m still running a bit behind with sheaths, and I still have a Persian Style Bowie that is nearly complete, but all the other knives are on the Preview Page.

  I’ve changed my selling policy for the show.  In past years I have not sold any knives intended for the show until it opened on Friday afternoon.  This year I have changed…I will be happy to offer my knives for sale at any time, any place.  What that means is that if your interested in any of the pieces I have for the show, I will “hold” it for you.  Or, I will sell to you prior to the show.  For me to “hold” a knife for you to pick up at the show, I will require a 25% deposit on the knife.

  You can also look for me in the “Pit” or at the hotel.

  This change has come about because I have “held” knives for a number of individuals in the past, only to have them never show, or show up late on Saturday of the show and tell me “Oh! I forgot”, or “Sorry, I spent all my money.”   From now on the policy will be that no knives will be “held”, for anyone, unless I have a deposit from that person.

  In addition to the knives show on my Preview Page, I will have a few of my new stainless EBKs, and several Damascus Writing Pens.

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Come visit me at table # P5! 

Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

17 May 2010

Almost Time for the 2010 Blade Show!

  With the 2010 Blade Show only a couple of weeks away, most Knifemakers are hustling to get thing completed….and I’m no exception.  Lot’s of shop hours, in hopes of giving folks what they want.  This post is basically to inform everyone that I am changing my selling policy for the Blade Show.  In previous years my policy has been to NOT sell any knives until the show opens.  I adopted this policy because many folks would contact me asking about specific knives I posted on my show preview, with some even asking if I would “hold” a knife until they could get to my table.  In short, by trying to accommodate those requests, I turned others away who would have purchased the knife/knives, and the individual(s) who requested I “hold” the knife for them, never showed.
  So…Here’s how things will work now…I will sell knives to anyone, at any time.  That means if you see a knife on my Show Preview, and  you want it, just let me know and, once I receive payment, it’s yours.  If you catch me in the hotel or “The Pit” and want a knife, the same applies.    It doesn't matter if your a casual buyer, collector, or purveyor. 
Look for my Blade Show Preview, on my website within the next week!