26 November 2010

I've been Slacking on the Blog!

It's been busy, and I just noticed that I haven't posted on my blog all summer!!  Well now with winter here, I'd best get on the stick.

  Last week we got our first good blast of winter here in Montana.  Day time highs in the single digits, and a total of 16" of snow.  Although this might bother some, it just means great forging and knifemaking weather for me! :)

  My latest trip was to Boise, ID., for the first ever Rocky Mountain Knife show.  My hat's off to the promoters, the table holders, and the show patrons.....it was the best overall knife show that I have attended in the last 18 months.  Sales were good, but more impressive where the number of folks stopping by my table, shaking my hand, and thanking me for coming to the show.  Everyone was enthusiastic, with just a lot of positive energy during the whole affair.  I'm already making my plans to attend next year.

  Here in the shop I am getting a few orders out the door, and trying to get a few things ready for Christmas.  I just completed 4 of my Angle Peen forging hammers, and will have then up on my website and forums over this weekend.  I also have a few EBKs, as well as a few knives ready for sale on my Available Knives Page .

  With no ABS show, my next show will be The Blade Show next June, so that gives me time this winter to catch up on orders, and to do a little experimenting with new designs and methods.

  With 2011 just around the corner, it's a time to celebrate for me.  2011 marks my 25th year as a Bladesmith/Knifemaker.  Keep an eye on my website during 2011...I will be making some SPECIAL pieces to commemorate my 25th Anniversary.