11 March 2011

Wed night knife chat to resume this coming Wed!

 After searching, I have finally found a chat software that I feel will work, and still have the security to toss out the "trolls".  After having my web host review the software, we found that my website must be moved to a different server, which should be happening late tonight.  If everything goes smoothly, we will be back on for our Wed Night Knife Chat sessions on my website!

  You can find me, and other there on Wed nights at 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST, and 6pm PST.  Come join us for knife chat!   Here's a link to the specific page:  http://www.caffreyknives.net/Chat.html

  You can also get there from my Home page:  http://www.caffreyknives.net 
and then click on "Wed Night Knife Chat Sessions" in the menu.

  Hope to see you there on Wed nights!