31 January 2012

Newest Happenings

Been a while since updating the Blog, so there's lots to catch up on.

I just returned from the ABS Expo in San Antonio, TX.....was a good show this year.

I have a busy year coming up..... I have already booked several students for Bladesmithing/Knifemaking classes this year, so if you're interested in booking a class with me this year, I would encourage you to get some dates into me.  You can visit my Classes Webpage for more information.

 I will also be conducting Demos/Teaching at the second annual Southern Alberta Hammer-In, in June, and the ABANA National Conference in July.

  This winter I've been working a some new knife designs.  I've designed a new "Flipper", which has spawned a new series of knives.....the "Gen2" series.  Right now there are two different size folders, along with a large and small "hunter", and I have even created a version in my EBK sized knives.  Look for more on the "Gen2" in the coming months.

  Along with the Gen2 Knives, I have also designed a knife that I am calling "The Wreck Knife".  This knife was designed with horsemen, cowboys, and the farmer/rancher in mind.  It is a serrated blade designed specifically for cutting ropes, saddle girths, and other "emergency" needs, without the stabbing hazard of most knives.   This knife will be offered in two versions....and economy versions with a cord wrapped handle, and a deluxe version with slab handles of G10, or just about anything as an option.  Either version will include a kydex horizontal carry sheath with Tek-Lok belt system.   Watch the website for their release.