21 April 2012


Just wanted to bring everybody up to speed on what’s happen here, as it has an effect on upcoming shows, and on order delivery.


  Cindy’s Mom arrived in Montana late Wed night (18 Apr), in the final stages of liver cancer.   Cindy used up most of her “off time” from work, dealing with the death of her Dad in late Feb.  What this means is…..first, I will not be attending the Blade Show this year.  The time was such that me being away, simply isn’t an option.  This situation will also delay some order deliveries, in that I’ll be the primary caregiver during the day while Cindy is at work.  My shop time is gong to be very limited until this situation comes to a close.

  We would greatly appreciate your prayers, and also appreciate your understand if some orders are delayed.

11 April 2012

Spring in Montana

With one of the mildest winters in recent memory on the way out, spring is coming to Montana!  Generally this time of year, my time is devoted to building knives for the annual Blade Show in Atlanta, GA.  Regretfully, it's looking doubtful that I will be attending the Blade Show this year.  This spring has brought tragedy to our family...we lost Cindy's (my Mrs) Dad to liver cancer in February, and just a couple of days after his funeral, we received news that her Mom was diagnosed with colon & liver cancer!     This puts a whole new twist to my summer schedule.   We are currently in the process of trying to get Mom to come to Montana so we can care for her.   Whether that occurs, remains to be seen, but I am strongly leaning towards NOT attending the Blade Show this year.....my family comes first, and I simply need to be at home.

  I am still planning on attending/teaching at the 2nd annual Southern Alberta Hammer-In, being held June 15-17, in Tilley, AB, Canada.

 I am also scheduled to Demo/teach at the ABANA National Conference, being held in Rapid City, SD, July 18-21, provided thing do not go badly with Cindy's Mom.

 Bladesmithing Classes: As always, I am offering Bladesmithing/Knifemaking classes.  I offer classes from Beginner, to Advanced levels, as well as a Folder class.   Many folks will come to better their skills in one or more specific areas of Bladesmithing/Knifemaking.   For complete information on classes, and the costs, you can visit my website:   Bladesmithing Classes.

 What's New in the Knife Shop:  Recently I have introduced a new line of "Flipper" Folders, my new Gen2. I am currently accepting orders.

-I am in the process of completing the new batch of EBKs....once they are finished, I will be emailing everyone on the mailing list, and updating my EBK Webpage.

-Coming Soon!:   I am currently designing/building a new knife, aimed at Horsemen, Cattlemen, Farmers, Ranchers, and Emergency responders.  I am calling it the "Wreck Knife".  This knife is being designed as a light weight, fully serrated knife for cutting fibrous materials such as ropes, seat belts, and straps.  It will come with a blunted point to prevent stabbing when used in an emergency situations, and will be designed with a kydex, horizontal carry belt sheath.   Look for it on my website soon!

 Finally, even though there are all kinds of family issues happening this spring, I am still accepting orders.  If your interested in a Caffrey Knife, please drop me an email, or call.