24 May 2012

Latest Update

With much sadness, we lost Cindy’s Mom to cancer on 26 Apr.  Mom was cremated, and we spread her ashes in the mountains.

During the time we were caring for her, my stomach problems flared up, causing me to have an Ulcer, and I also received my annual CAT scan from my lung issues 3 years past.  The CAT scan showed “spots” on my lungs, which means another scare for our family, and another round of lung biopsy for me.   I will be going into the hospital on 29 May for a lung biopsy.  Hopefully we will have results soon after, and are believing that it will turn out like the last time….nothing to worry about.   I’ve had lots of pain lately, and have visited the Doctors several times…but it seems like everything moves at the speed of snails.  I am scheduled for a stress test/heart exam on 11 Jun, and am awaiting an appointment for an Endoscopy to examine my “guts” and the suspected Ulcer.  The Docs tell me that they believe much of the problems are “stress induced”….but all I know is that I’ve not felt this lousy before.   Please pray for us, and hopefully they can get me straightened out and back in the shop where I should be.

  I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated on my situation.