10 June 2012

Latest update

  After all the things that have befallen our family this spring, I’ve had some issues too.  On my latest CAT scan, which is a result of my lung issues from 3 years past, they found “spots” on my lungs.  This, coupled with all the other stress we’ve gone through kinda put me in a tailspin.   Not sure what to call it, but for nearly a month I have been nearly incapacitated……weak, tired, and just aching all over.  Recently I learned that I was/am having an adverse reaction to all the stress.   Two weeks ago I had biopsy surgery on my left lung, and the results came back somewhat inconclusive.  The Doctor says that it is either a “low grade” lymphoma, or a lung abscess/infection.  My biopsy results have been sent off to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion.  Along with all this, the stress produced what the Doctors are calling “lesions” on the inside of the stomach….basically a milder form of ulcers.  So, not much knifemaking is getting done.  The next step is for me to take two weeks of steroids starting 1 July, and have another CAT scan on the 19th.   This will mean that I will be unable to attend the ABANA conference this year.   As I feel able, I will be working in the shop, and hope to have a batch of EBKs ready before long.  Please keep us in your prayers, and keep an eye on my website for the release of the EBKs.